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Another Breakthrough in Short Run from Donnelly

the Challenge

Finding a Cost-Effective Automated Solution in Short Run

When it comes to meeting crucial deadlines in short run manufacturing, agility is paramount and efficiency can’t be overstated. Automation can be implemented to enhance speed, precision and quality across many types of manufacturing. However, the resources required to setup and deploy robotics can make it difficult, expensive and challenging for short run molding.

the Solution

Push the Envelope and Implement Robotics through Careful Innovation

What if Donnelly engineers could successfully standardize tasks and develop fixturing based on those tasks that were consistent across a wide range of parts? To answer this question, Donnelly looked at how they could configure robots and co-bots (collaborative robots that interact with people) to do certain universal tasks without having to extensively reprogram them between jobs. Doing so, they would arrive at breakthroughs in short-run manufacturing. Also, having co-bots do time-consuming, repetitive tasks that need to be performed without error would also free up employees to perform more interesting, value-producing operations.

Meet Baxter – the two-armed co-bot from Rethink Robotics. Two Baxter co-bots are now deployed on the manufacturing floor at Donnelly. Able to switch tasks easily and adapt to the variable factory environment, Baxter is keeping Donnelly competitive – ensuring consistency in quality and on-time delivery of custom products. Together, with traditional industrial robotics and Donnelly’s universal End of Arm Tooling (EOAT), Baxter is helping Donnelly continue setting the standard in How Short Run is Done™.

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