About Us

Customized Solutions.
Unparalleled Services.

Mastering Complexities.
Simplifying Your Experience.

Whether you have an aggressive product launch timetable, a high mix of materials, or volatility in production and delivery demands, Beacon Engineered Solutions is here to help you succeed.

Confidently handling over 1,800 active molds and 400+ resins in a 24/7 operation, we leverage niche manufacturing expertise and processes we’ve perfected over decades to move with the flow of your business. Our talented team embraces lean practices, continuous improvement and a customer-first approach to ensure we stay in lockstep with your top priorities – starting with the launch of your program, and continuing throughout the product lifecycle.

Relentless Problem Solvers on Your Side

No matter how complex the challenge, we provide quality parts, delivered in the right quantities at the right time. Explore the foundations of our commitment.

Customer-Focused Leadership

From the top down, we’re committed to delivering and sustaining partnerships that drive growth, profitability and value.

customer focused leadership
Shared Purpose. Your Success.

Our Shared Purpose: Your Success

The guiding principles of Beacon Engineered Solutions keep us focused on innovating custom engineered solutions for a broad range of demanding end use applications.

Precision Components for Demanding Applications

At Beacon Engineered Solutions, we provide the resources, tools and systems to meet the exacting needs of our customers’ demanding end-use applications.

Mission, Vision, Values

Beacon Manufacturing Group is an engineering and innovation hub for the manufacture of custom-engineered precision plastic components and assemblies. We’re proud to be part of a strong manufacturing organization committed to driving greater customer success and value.