Value-Added Secondary Operations

Streamlining Steps with Post-Molding Operations.

We Connect Key Capabilities Right
at the Press

Anytime you can streamline steps of a complex manufacturing process, it’s worth exploring. That’s why we’ve worked hard to build a variety of value-added operations directly into our manufacturing cells. From machining to assembly to decorating, we’re ready to help.

Minimize Your Risks with Post-Secondary Operations

Our broad range of post-molding capabilities enable us to maintain control over your program and reduce time and costs associated with managing multiple supply chain partners. 

Post-Molding Capabilities

Count on us for shorter lead times, higher productivity and improved output through secondary operations, including:

  • Part decorating – pad printing, heat foil
  • Part painting, coating and shielding with local partner
  • CNC machining, drilling and tapping
  • Hot plate welding, sonic welding and part joining
  • After molding assembly

Looking for a specific value-added capability you don’t see here?

Injection Molding

From thermoplastic injection molding to gas assist and structural foam molding, we deliver thousands of close-tolerance parts each year, working with over 1,800 active molds and 400+ resins.